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What Are Soft Skills Anyway?

Soft skills encompass all of the skills we use beyond technical skills, which are best described as the aptitudes, competencies and skills necessary to perform a job. Technical skills can be taught and tested. By contrast, soft skills are best developed through experience. The list of soft skills in academic literature numbers more than 50; some of the big ones are communication, listening, problem-solving, time management, self-reflection, teamwork, leadership and life-long learning. The fast-paced and varied workplace of today, spurred by increased reliance on technology and globalization, make these soft skills of increasing interest to employers, who say time and again that workers are deficient in their soft skills development. The effective integration and cultivation of soft skills — no easy task — could make the difference in your organization between failure and success. They are that important. Yet many people overlook them or dismiss them since they are not as easy to identify or teach. Do you fall in that group? If so, our work may be of vital importance to you now and for the coming years. Get Our Insights! Don’t you think you should at least join our Insights list now?

Why The Pilot Seat?

The Pilot Seat is the most important seat in the aircraft. The man or woman sitting in the pilot’s seat must effectively manage a myriad of technical aspects of flying an airplane, not to mention the other important skills, soft skills, including communication, teamwork, leadership and problem-solving. airplaneThe same principles hold true in almost every  job these days. Success means piloting your workday and your career or those of the people who work for you toward an increasingly complex set of goals. Innovation, lightning-fast communication and globalization are but a few of the challenges must of us face at work each day. is dedicated to improving people’s understanding of the role of these soft skills, how they can be enhanced and what you can achieve with them. We have been studying these matters in workplaces and in academia, and we have published and presented academic journal papers addressing some aspects of this topics. We continue to publish and present, seeking to better understand these areas and to present that information in ways that people can relate and react favorably. In fact, you can assist us with our research. This link will enable you to participate in our latest survey, which should take you less than 5 minutes to complete. Look for additional research on soft skills, including a book in late 2017. In the meantime, take a look at our blog and tell us what you think. If you want our insights, please join our Updates list. Dr. Tobin Porterfield and Bob Graham