Chasing a white ball around a golf course can often provide enough challenge for even the best golfers. But golf also gives players many opportunities to work on their soft skills.

golf coursePracticing Persistence

First, as any golfer knows, being persistent is the name of the game. Good rounds and many bad rounds are going to occur. Being able to adapt to those ups and downs is critical — from shot to shot, hole to hole and round to round.

Adapting to Change

Being able to adapt to change is another important soft skill that golfers employ. Rarely does a course say the same for 18 holes. The temperature, wind speed, wind direction and speed of the greens can vary over the course of a round. The ability to identify the changes quickly and adapt to them often separates a round with a score in the 80s from one in the 90s or 100s.

Being a Good Teammate

Even though playing golf isn’t really a team sport, knowing what the people with you are playing with want in your company is another important soft skill. This skill is built on a player’s ability to listen, to make critical evaluations and to be empathetic. Some people like to joke throughout; others will talk in the cart, but not once they approach their ball; some people expect seriousness throughout the round. Identifying what your playing partners want and need is a good practice for dealing with people in a variety of work situations.

Being a Better Teammate

Good golfers know how to provide the right encouragement when another player is not playing well. Some people welcome advice on how to improve; some do not. Some people want to make fun of it; others don’t want to talk about it at all. Knowing the difference on the first hole where someone struggles on the course can make or break your day — and the day of your cart mate.

Thinking more about the soft skills being employed on a golf course might be a good distraction if you are having a bad round. Paying attention to these skills on the golf course could also translate into success in your other endeavors.